Light Bytes

Sunday, 4 April 2021 18:45

I was very fortunate to be asked to write some of my pearls of wisdom about lightng in the round, to accompany the new augmented 3d launch of the SJT for ETC. 

Which is part of the new software up-date on the EOS 3.0. When you open the software on the desk or computer there is a new tab available Augment3d and one of the files you can look at is the Stephen Joseph Theatre, another theatre in the round the New Vic has a long relationship with based in Scarborough.

If you would like to read the article please click the link to et cetera on ETCs web site.

I was asked to write this for for Declan Randal, training and program coordinator - UK and Europe for ETC. He also asked myself and my programmer Pete Morgan to join the amazing Joanna Town, on a Light Bytes session (industry specalists chatting about there subject). This session Theatre in the round is avaliable to watch with loads of other great content from Lite Bytes on youtube.

Keep well, always look on the bright side.