Light up the new year

Sunday, 23 January 2022 09:16

Well turns out the world is still a busy place. 

Planing for it seams to be still taking a lot of time. Beauty and the Beast at the New Vic has been a triumph in may ways. Our first show under relatively normal conditions. Our first 2 week tech (re-set better) and our first with multiple understudy stratagems. Over 80 performances (just 1 week to go now) we have only lost 2 shows, had 14 intterations of the show, and at one time 3 members of the acting company and a dresser self isolating. We are thankfull to have been able to "carry on with the show” for the amazing audiences we have had. Schools performances as fantastic as always, doubly this time as for alot of children we have been their first experience of theatre. The oos and wows always make me smile. 

Working remotly is going to be part of the working model from now on is going to be part of the model from now on. Currently I am doing a remote plotting session for Townsend Productions Yes Yes UCS, rehearsing in Scotland.

The remote rehearsal set up has been invaluable at the Vic for dropping in (when isolating) or when things get busy at home.

Also working on Marvellous which is finally making it to the stage after a 3 yr wait so really looking forward to that.